Wednesday, October 14, 2015

TAUPAS Rules : Some thumb rules for professional Email

Your email can have a direct impression of your personality or your etiquette to the reader of your email.  Personal email may does not have any formalities but professional email should have and these should be followed.

Type your Subject, email contents and then email address.  Sometimes , you are in the middle of the email contents , and wrongly the send button pressed, your email will reached to your reader and you can imagine , what image of your will be occur in your reader. So, first write subject, your contents and then type the email address in To, Cc .

A clear cut subject line: Your professional email should have a clear cut subject line by which your reader can have an idea of the contents of email and it should be short.  Without a subject, a professional email can be  a blunder and your receiver can have a negative impact of you and might be possible he / she will treat your email as Spam.  Avoid “wishes” in subject line.

Use professional salutation and then check your CAPITALIZATION of letters: Address the receiver with a proper salutation.  You are sending a professional email, not a personal email.   This professional email can be accessed by other person in company and above all, you are sending an email to a responsible person of the company.  CAPITALIZATION of letters should be avoided in any professional email.  Do it when you need it badly or you want to draw the attention on these words and at the end, add whole signature ( Name, designation, Company, or other relevant information of your company i.e. website, Phone no. etc).  Make email short and to the point.  Lengthy email irritates the reader. Nobody have the patience to read a full page email.

Proof reading of your email: Before hitting the send button, please check your email contents carefully for any spelling mistake or grammatical errors in it.  Your small mistake can leads to a big casual approach of yourself to the reader and reader can take you lightly.

Avoid personal email ID , use company email address :  If you are working in a company , then send the email through your company’s email ID.  Most of the professionals avoid personal IDs email.

Send email to only concerned personnel :  Whenever we got an email , we have a common tendency to reply all in the email.  NO.  A  Big NO.  Think thrice before choosing Reply All.  Do only if this is necessary and relevant to all and if you are sending the email, send it to only concerned people. 

Happy Reading..........Learning continues ............

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